Pre-Submission Sound and Broomhall Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood in Cheshire East

This six week public consultation ended Midnight on Friday 14th May 2021

Click on this link to view the plan in full.

The Pre-Submission Version of the Sound and Broomhall Neighbourhood Plan sets out a positive vision on how the community want the parishes and local area to grow and develop in ways that meet identified local need, make sense for local people and support the sustainability of the community. The views have been gathered and interpreted through an extensive and inclusive process of community engagement and consultation.

As required by Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, we made this version of the Sound and Broomhall Neighbourhood Plan available for consultation with those who “may be affected by the proposals for a neighbourhood development plan”. We are now considering all comments and suggestions very carefully and will make necessary revisions to the Plan before it is submitted to Cheshire East Council for independent examination.

The parishes of Sound and Broomhall present a unique set of planning challenges. It has taken time and careful consideration to craft a set of local planning policies that will safeguard everything we regard as special whilst allowing the area to change and develop in response to the needs and demands of modern life and living in a way that is acceptable.

The preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan has been undertaken by a committee of volunteers and parish councillors with the help of volunteers who participated in task groups and workshops and assisted with consultation events. They have been ably supported by the neighbourhood planning team at Cheshire East Council and received professional advice from Cheshire Action.