What is a Neighbourhood plan

Neighbourhood in Cheshire East

Neighbourhood planning provides the opportunity for communities to set out a positive vision on how they want their community and local area to grow and develop in ways that meet identified local need, make sense for local people and support the sustainability of the community.

It can put in place statutory planning policies that will help deliver that vision or grant planning permission for the development they want to see. As well as provide protection for specific areas and aspirations for the community.

A neighbourhood plan should not only be used to address the development and use of land but wider community aspirations and the infrastructure and facilities required to support the vision.

The neighbourhood plan should support the strategic development needs set out in the Cheshire East Local Plan and plan positively to support local development.

Cheshire East has recently adopted the first part of a new Local Plan which sets out the strategic planning framework for the Borough, to 2030. Part two of the plan, the Site Allocations and Development Polices Document, is currently being prepared and anticipated to be completed in 2019.